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Streamline PDF Collaboration with DocuINK
Drive engagement and save time with an intuitive platform
Supercharge your PDF collaborative experience
Ideal for educators, designers, and marketers
Enhance efficiency and foster innovation
Unite your teams and clients with a shared link. Keep ideas, inspiration, and feedback in one place for optimal collaboration and client satisfaction.
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For online tutoring
Interact with easy-to-use online tools
Share a link and your students can work on the same document with multimedia tools to interact online easily.
For class teaching
Blended learning and teaching
Beyond traditional teaching and learning, bring in digital ways into your classroom to enrich your materials and help students learn in digital age.
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Free to use all features for 3 months!
Collaborate on PDFs seamlessly from anywhere
Streamline collaboration among multiple contributors
  • Share and access: Share PDF links with one or more individuals, granting them the ability to edit, comment, or view the document as needed.
  • Collaborate and discuss: Team members and stakeholders can easily discuss, ask questions, and make suggestions in one PDF link, similar to using Google Docs or Microsoft 365.
Boost productivity and communication efficiency
  • Collaborate through annotation: Use various annotation tools to highlight key points and ideas together.
  • Track discussion context: Keep all comments and annotations in one place for easy tracking and future reference, helping collaborators understand decision-making contexts.
Simplify client feedback with our easy-to-use feature
  • Friendly interface: drop pin and leave comments.
  • Feedback in a variety of formats: include text, voice, video, and screen capture.
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Unlock All Features for Free for 3 Months with Registration!
Purchase our RemoteGo LCD Writing Pad / DocuPencil iPad Stylus and enjoy 12 Months of free access to DocuINK's Full Features!
RemoteGo LCD Writing Pad
Write and visualize your handwriting on the new LCD Pad in real time. Enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
DocuPencil iPad Stylus
Supports the original features of iPad OS. Check battery percentage on pen. Seamlessly take notes, engage in discussions, boost Productivity.
PenPower Inc. established EvolaClass to empower education with technology. It includes DocuINK, ScanNote, and many other products and services to improve online and offline teaching experiences through digital tools.
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