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Streamline PDF Collaboration with DocuINK
Drive engagement and save time with an intuitive platform
Supercharge your PDF collaborative experience
Ideal for educators, designers, and marketers
Versatile annotation and commenting tools to accelerate PDF collaboration
From drawing and typing to screen recording, voice comment and video comment
Screen recording
Webcam recording
Video comment
Add images
Text box
Voice comment
Streamline collaboration among multiple contributors
  • Share and access: Share PDF links with one or more individuals, granting them the ability to edit, comment, or view the document as needed.
  • Collaborate and discuss: Team members and stakeholders can easily discuss, ask questions, and make suggestions in one PDF link, similar to using Google Docs or Microsoft 365.
Boost productivity and communication efficiency
  • Collaborate through annotation: Use various annotation tools to highlight key points and ideas together.
  • Track discussion context: Keep all comments and annotations in one place for easy tracking and future reference, helping collaborators understand decision-making contexts.
Optimize the teaching and learning process
Share worksheets, assignments, and assessments online
Educators can effortlessly upload PDF files of worksheets, assignments, and assessments, and share the links with students.
Engage through video and voice explanations
Utilize video comments to provide in-depth explanations of complex STEM concepts, fostering a deeper understanding among students.
Customize teaching materials for dynamic engagement
Make your teaching materials more dynamic and engaging by adding images, videos, or text comments on PDFs.
Simplify comment and annotation management
  • Effortlessly access comments and annotations by clicking on circled numbers within the PDF. Never miss any valuable input.
  • Enhance readability by enlarging video and image comments for a comfortable reading experience.
Toggle thumbnails for clear viewing
  • Toggle thumbnails on and off to view each collaborator's comments and annotations, making your documents more organized and easy to read.
Accessible across any device
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