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Level Up Your Teaching With DocuINK
Blended learning and teaching in digital age
Maximize valuable time with DocuINK in and out of classroom
Prepare lessons beforehand
  • Group teaching materials by classes, grades, or lesson levels
  • Import external resources easily
  • Share lesson materials with school peers and students
  • Assign teacher assistant to manage classroom
Optimize in-class learning
  • Facilitate and mentor students as they progress at their individual learning speeds, utilizing DocuINK to offer personalized instruction
  • Real-time monitoring to check student progress and understanding
  • All students can contribute, even the quiet ones
Assign homework, worksheets, or group learning
  • Push out assignments to the whole class at once with a simple flow
  • Set deadlines for assignments and can't submit after due
  • Each student submits their own response, and only the teacher can read what each student has written. Students cannot see each other's answers
Incorporating technology into your teaching has never been simpler
Covert any file into a PDF and you are ready to go
Able to use on any browsers on any platform
Works on desktops, laptops, and tablets
Frequently asked questions
1. Can I upload my own teaching materials to DocuINK?
Of course, yes!
You can convert all your teaching materials to PDF format and upload to DocuINK, and share with students for homework and discussion. What's more, students can work on and submit files in DocuINK directly.
2. Can DocuINK be used for offline classes as well?
3. Does DocuINK have online whiteboard?
4. What other commenting tools does DocuINK have?
5. Is DocuINK suitable for any type of course?
6. What is the system requirements? Do I need to install it?
PenPower Inc. established EvolaClass to empower education with technology. It includes DocuINK, ScanNote, and many other products and services to improve online and offline teaching experiences through digital tools.
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