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Effortless Document Sharing and Collaboration
Annotate, comment, or use with writing pads – all satisfied with DocuINK.
Rich tools for collaboration
  • Leave comments with text, voice, or video
  • Numbered and color-coded comments for easy identification
  • Easily summarize commenter feedback with a thumbnail toggle
  • Save online PDF to DocuINK with extension seamlessly
  • Convert Google Slides, Google Doc, Microsoft Word and PowerPoints to PDF format and save to DouINK directly
  • Install extension and manage all your PDF files, comment and annotation in one place. No more download and upload
  • Support Google Chrome, FireFox and Microsoft Edge
  • Various tools for writing, marking and compatible with stylus
  • Make notes with photoshoots, file uploads and video recording
  • Enrich contents with additional pages and screenshots
Questions and Answers
  • Students can ask questions online easily by uploading screenshots or photos, and give a short description and send to teachers
  • Teachers can answer the questions with annotation or comments
  • Organize questions into one place for lesson review
  • Manage classes, materials and levels easily
  • Group materials by level, classes and share them with the whole class efficiently
Integrate with RemoteGO LCD Writing Pad
Drag and drop all your handwritings into DocuINK
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PenPower Inc. established EvolaClass to empower education with technology. It includes DocuINK, ScanNote, and many other products and services to improve online and offline teaching experiences through digital tools.
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